17 May


What is an IME?

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The most common complaint we receive from our New York Workers’ Compensation clients is that they are improperly examined by IME’s. What is an IME? An IME or “Independent Medical Examiner” is a doctor hired by the insurance company for the purpose of checking on, and limiting, the injured worker’s claim against the insurance company. IME’s […]

11 Mar



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While everyone knows that an accident that happens to an employee inside a workplace or work building is clearly a Workers’ Comp case in New York, what about accidents that occur OUTSIDE the office building or workplace? This winter was particularly cold and there is a lot of ice everywhere. It’s likely that employees somewhere […]

09 Oct


Workers’ Comp and Pro Sports

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I’m a sports nut- like many people I know. I follow all four major pro sports and have read literally hundreds of sports books and publications in my lifetime. I’ve been to and watched countless games. What many people don’t know, interestingly, is that almost all pro sports injuries in the U.S. are covered by […]

19 Sep


What the Workers Comp Insurance Company Is REALLY Concerned About

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Workers’ Comp in New York State is constantly changing. Recently, I was asked by union officials to give a second legal opinion about a situation where a union member (not my client) had been accused of Workers’ Comp (WC) fraud. Lately, insurance companies are raising such fraud charges against workers more and more often, regarding the […]

23 Jun


Workers’ Comp in New York, Social Security, and Medical Marijuana

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Section 10 of the Workers’ Compensation law in New York State says, among other things,  that there shall be no liability for compensation “when the injury has been solely occasioned by intoxication from alcohol or a controlled substance………” It has long been the law that if someone gets injured on the job SOLELY because they […]

28 Mar


Workers’ Comp Fraud: Employers (Not Employees) Are A Huge Problem

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District Attorney, New York County For Immediate Release March 25, 2014 DA VANCE: GRAND JURY RECOMMENDS SIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO PREVENT WORKERS’ COMPENSATION INSURANCE FRAUD Empanelled at Request of Manhattan DA’s Office, Grand Jury Finds Evidence of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premium Fraud Costing New York Nearly $500 Million Annually Report Released on 103rd Anniversary of Greenwich […]

26 Feb


Workers’ Comp and Social Security Disability: They can go together

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Many of my clients who are injured on the job in New York State are disabled and stay out of work longer than 12 months. In such an instance, can the injured worker ALSO receive Social Security Disability Benefits? In many cases, the answer is YES. If the Workers Compensation (WC) claimant (injured worker) is […]

05 Feb


Attorneys: The Best Source of Info About Obtaining Workers’ Comp Benefits

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The Workers’ Compensation Board’s recent and ongoing “BPR Initiative” has asked injured workers several survey questions. Here is one: Question 7 asks “Who told you what to do to receive your benefits? You may choose more than one answer”.   Out of 5,623 responses, 3,579 (63.65%) responded Attorney, 1,178 (20.95%) responded Workers’ Compensation Board, 204 […]

27 Jan


Who’s Your Employer’s Workers’ Comp Insurance Company??

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My pet peeve of the week is New York employers who don’t assist their employees—and in fact obstruct them—from getting prompt, non-emergency medical care for injuries sustained at work- i.e., Workers’ Comp injuries. According to Section 51 of the Workers’ Compensation Law, employers must post a notice of workers’ compensation coverage (Form C-105) in a […]

30 Dec


YouTube Videos: Educate Yourself About New York Workers’ Comp!

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