Election Day: Your Chance to Be Heard

October 28, 2014 Democracy No comment

In my new office’s  waiting room is a framed poster. It says The Labor Movement…The Folks That Brought You …Child Labor Laws….Health Benefits…Workers’ Comp….Equal Pay for Equal Work….The Weekend….(etc.). The poster also contains a quote: Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. (Frederick Douglass.) I love that poster.

What’s my point? Well, this poster represents my views about the importance of the labor movement throughout history. It is Organized Labor that has brought about so many needed reforms. Accordingly, I normally VOTE for those candidates that show support for labor.

This entire article contains my opinions, and yours may be different. I am tired, however, of candidates who campaign SOLELY on a platform that that candidate will lower your taxes. Is lowering taxes the only important  issue for politicians to run on? Why is this always the main thrust of political campaigns? Do candidates think taking a stand on ANY OTHER issue other than taxes is too much for the electorate to comprehend? Can someone explain this phenomenon to me?

Casting a vote in the first place is the key. If you are unhappy with the way your  country, state, county or town operates, did you try to change it in some way? Did you vote? Did you engage in meaningful discussion with your neighbors? Or did you just sit back and complain without doing anything to effect change?

Just a reminder that you should exercise your right to vote. If you don’t, someone else who may not agree with your views, will.

See you at the voting booth.

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