Recent Changes In New York Workers’ Compensation Law

Recent changes in New York workers’ compensation law can affect the treatment you receive following a workplace injury. At the Law Office of Morrin & Sands PLLC, we can help you determine whether your condition is affected by the recent changes in the law, so that you know what you must do to get the treatment you need. We give you the opportunity to sit down and discuss your circumstances directly with the attorney who will handle your case from beginning to end, and we make sure that all of your questions are answered. Our clients are important to us, so we always stand up for their rights and fight hard to get them the benefits that they deserve.Contact an experienced Long Island workers’ compensation lawyer by calling 516-307-8000 or by filling out our online form.

New York Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment Guidelines

Some of the things that you should know about the changes to the New York workers’ compensation law include:

Certain injuries excluded: Injuries involving the back, neck, knees and shoulders are affected by the change in the law. Injuries to other parts of the body may still be covered by the old rules, which allow you to get treatment as long as necessary.

Limited number of treatments: In the past you would be able to get treatment for the rest of your life if your injury required it. Now, the law imposes guidelines that grant you only a specific number of treatments unless you go through additional steps.

Extending treatment: To get more treatment, you have to get permission. A doctor must file a variance, where he or she explains why treatment is still needed. A hearing in front of a judge will then be held in order to determine whether you should be granted a variance.

The change applies even to old workers’ comp cases: The changes in the New York workers’ compensation law were retroactively applied, meaning even decades-old cases are affected. No matter how long you have been receiving treatment for, you now have to go through the new process.

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