Diagnosed With An Occupational Disease? Know Your Rights.

Receiving a diagnosis of an occupational illness – or a disease that you suspect arose from your job – can be a shattering revelation. You may face a flood of questions. How can you continue to make ends meet if you can’t work? How will you pay for exorbitant medical expenses? What if you become permanently disabled?

At Law Office of Morrin & Sands PLLC, we can help you find answers. Our workers’ compensation attorneys represent injured workers from all backgrounds and industries. Since 1983, Morrin & Sands PLLC has worked hard to win financial compensation and medical coverage for people like you.

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What’s Considered An Occupational Illness?

Occupational diseases span a broad range of conditions, from those that are highly treatable to terminal illnesses. Many arise in higher risk jobs such as construction work, industrial work and manufacturing. Exposure to toxic substances is a leading cause of serious illnesses. However, significant work-related disorders can also afflict those in office jobs.

Common job-related diseases include:

  • Work-related hearing or vision loss
  • Various cancers, including lung cancer
  • Respiratory diseases such as asbestosis, silicosis and asthma
  • Skin conditions such as dermatitis
  • Lead poisoning and other types of toxic chemical exposure
  • Musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and other repetitive stress ailments

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may face a long-term or even permanent inability to return to work. Our lawyers can walk you through your options for navigating the workers’ compensation process. We will chart a course of action designed to maximize your benefits.

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