Level the Legal Playing Field!

I worked really hard on  a legal brief for my client Angela, a proud woman who was forced onto welfare because they stopped her Workers’ Comp checks. Well, I just received a decision on her case, and I won. A State Workers’ Compensation Judge has ruled that she is totally disabled due to multiple physical and mental injuries and is entitled to both retroactive and future payments.. Sounds great, right? Well, it is, and it isn’t, because the employer/ insurance company attorneys can now appeal and hold up her money for one year. One year! Ordinary people who are injured and disabled have to fight against lawyers for employers and a government that doesn’t want to pay them. It’s that simple. Think that injured workers “scam the system” all the time? More often than not, I find that it’s injured workers who give up fighting for what they are entitled to under the law, because of a legal system that is stacked against them. AN EXPERIENCED WORKERS’ COMP / DISABILITY ATTORNEY CAN LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD FOR THE ORDINARY FOLKS WHO GET INJURED, DISABLED OR EVEN KILLED ON THE JOB AND HAVE TO FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL FOR THEIR BENEFITS. Call me if you know someone who is disabled or injured on the job. I HANDLE SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY CLAIMS AS WELL AS WORKERS’ COMP. Consultations are always free.